Monday, July 4, 2011

Hungry, hungry sharks

My appetite has certainly decided that I’m training for a marathon. I went way too wild with eating this weekend: wine and chocolates Saturday evening at a Montjuic picnic and then potato chips at the beach on Sunday, beer in the evening and pizza for dinner. I basically rolled my big belly out of bed this morning!

So let’s see if I can justify any of this through my training…

Week 8

Monday Planned cross train Reality: Did weights for arms.

Tuesday Planned 6 miles Reality: 7 fairly fast miles!

Wednesday Planned 6 miles Reality: work ruined my plan. Big fat 0

Thursday Planned 5 miles Reality: 3.5 miles with the Abster

Friday Planned: cross-train ARMS and CORE Reality: 3 miles I always prefer running to strength training.

Saturday: Planned: 14 miles Reality: 14.3 miles

Sunday: swimming and/or 3 mile recovery run Reality: major core and abs + a short swim. It’s now Monday and I’m really hurtin’ from yesterday’s crunches and planks, but I will keep up with it in order to one day in the distant future be able to strut at the beach!

Week 9: Concentrate on healthy eating!

Monday: Easy 6

Tuesday: CORE

Wednesday: 7 miles 5 at tempo pace

Thursday: 6 miles + CORE

Friday: 3 miles easy

Saturday 15 miles

Sunday CORE + swimming


  1. I've had that food baby feeling before too. Don't dwell on it and get back on track!

  2. It takes a while to get the training and nutrition lined up. I use to track everything.