Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Compare and contrast. Best short shorts.

I didn't buy my first pair of running shorts until after my first half marathon. Up until that point I’d just stuck with capri tights. I wish I could say that thanks to running I lost tons of weight, looked amazing, and therefore was no longer modest about showing off my upper thigh, but that's not really the case.

Anyhow, last summer, I trained in tight shorts. The European way. The Spanish ladies rock the spandex top and bottom and when in Rome…even if you look kind of like an embutido.

On my visit to Oxford, Mississippi last August I couldn’t get over the fact that the college co-eds basically had a uniform for class, working out, and walking around town: oversized tee-shirt and Nike tempo shorts. I thought that I’d never wear such revealing shorts: I mean if 22-year-old sorority girls weren’t looking that great in them what would I look like?

But then, back in Barcelona, in September, I did some long runs in some very humid weather and realized that the Euro short tights are rather, well, stuffy and thus I took the plunge: I ordered the Nike shorts and discovered that allowing air to flow is very comfortable. And that my thighs were slimmer than I had previously believed.

Now, are Nike tempos totally chafe free? Well, I’m not sure, but better safe than sorry so I always apply mad amounts of bodyglide. For months I’ve been a Nike tempo convert, but lately I’ve decided that it’s a pain to smear on all that bodyglide for shorter runs and that the Euro style can be quite convenient for shorter mid-week workouts.

For the time being, I’ll stick with the Tempos for the longer runs. Euro shorts are also revealing, in a less flattering way actually. I’d rather show some skin then outline my crotch. What about you?

What are your favorite running shorts?

Seeing that I’m showing off my thighs all over town, do you think one day I’ll also be able to show off my tummy?


  1. If you ever do show your tummy let us know! I think if I lost 15 pounds I might be brave enough to do it. I have only recently (as in the past two months) started to try running in shorts again after some seriously horrible chafing issues (even with copious amounts of bodyglide back in the summer of 2008). I usually do the compression shorts since they cover more of my thigh and thus reduce the risk that I'll lose all the skin on my inner thighs during a run. I did buy a pair of tempo shorts back in late May, but I've only worn them two or three times for shorter runs. They are more airy, but they do ride up on me a little bit and that makes me fear that my thighs might go cannibalistic on a long run.

  2. I love my Nike tempos too, but I just ordered some Athleta Hana run shorts. The reviews were glowing from all body types, so we'll see if I like 'em too. It would take a lot for me to ever bare my tum again. I had twins 4.5 years ago and let's just say the old grey mare she ain't what she used to be. My tummy used to be my best feature. Now it's definitely in the bottom tier. But I have two good-looking kids! :^)

  3. I wish I could offer the PERFECT running shorts to you, but sadly LuLuLemon discontinued the shorts that I only found this year. The Groovy Run Shorts - I took the plunge and bought the expensive short and immediately feel in a deep LOVE with them. Then upon searching, I find that they have discontinued this short. What? After years, I found a chafe free short and now I can't get them? seriously pissed. This is the link for the replacement short. I haven't tried them, but you can read the reviews. They do look similar to the Groovy Run short so I will eventually try them.

    expensive but worth every penny to be chafe free, even on long runs.

  4. C'mon post a pic, I am sure you look gorgeous in them. I don't mind running in shorts in Europe, but just can't seem to do it here in the US. I feel a bit naked, so I am still in the capris. I used to run in Champion. That used to be quite big in Italy and were nice. Actually when I look at the pics, they were quite short. I would need to lose the 10 pound I put on to even think about wearing shorts. I also got a pair of shorts last year from lucy. But I don't like them. I am going to check out your tempos.......though not necessarily to wear immediately.

  5. Ladies, Thanks for your tips on other brands! N, I added some of the few pieces of evidence that I have!!