Monday, May 31, 2010


Well, it's been slow going since Wednesday, but--despite having to deal with the likes of Heinrich Müller and other postmodern playwrights-- I did get my goal of 40 kilometers in this week. But wowser, I'm so, so slow. Maybe I'm just tired out from a semester of schoolwork and a lot of work at actual work, however my legs actually hurt during my 10 k on Saturday evening. My legs never hurt that much while I'm running! I could feel my knees pounding every time my foot hit the ground. Perhaps this is just a phase--let's hope so because I have a race next week and then a bike trip (with super hardcore bikers) the following weekend. For now, I just want to keep up my goal of 40 kilometers a week (24.85 miles) and maybe (I don’t even want to say it) PR on Saturday!
By mid-June I'll start a new half marathon training program. If you have any suggestions for a good intermediate training program, please share! I want to run this next one in under 2:10.

Since I finished my last German literature paper on Sunday, I treated myself to a day of beauty today:

a visit to the waxing center, a visit to the tailor to get some summer dresses taken in, and a visit to the running store to buy some new shorts:

Why is shopping for running clothes so much more fun than shopping for regular clothes?

What kind of running shorts do you like and why?


  1. Hey Scarlett, thanks for reading my blog!

    Funnily enough, I went shopping today and looked at clothes and shoes... and still walked out with only a new running skirt and running shirt!

  2. I like shorts that don't ride up my bum. I'm easy to please. :)

    I haven't run a half marathon in so long, I'm not sure which training plan to recommend. You can always go with one of the standards like Hal Higdon or a customized one using SmartCoach on the Runner's World website.

    Good luck!