Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pastanaga, that's Catalan for carrot

And last night, Charles was my carrot. I've decided that I have to get faster. For the past several months, I was just concentrating on finishing those 13.1 miles, but now I've got to get more serious. So Charles and I left at 9:30 pm for a 10 k route. We were both exhausted from long days at work and the first 4 km we just sort of moseyed along. I let Charles talk and kept up with him easily. (My only problem: my new running shorts which ride up. Does anyone have any suggestions for shorts that don't ride up and aren't obscene?) By the middle of the run, I told Charles to go ahead, that he would be my pastanaga, and I just tried to keep in sight. That worked until about km 8, when I felt like I was going to puke. Well, no one ever said this was going to be easy.

No run this morning. I already miss the long Saturday run! Tomorrow a dreaded 5k!


  1. Belated congrats on the half marathon! I'd love to start a race at Roman ruins. :)

    Also, really nice to read another running blog written by a fellow ex-pat. Hope the volcanic ash moves in time for your flight. Safe travels to you!

  2. Having a rabbit to follow is a great idea. Good luck with the speed!