Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Slow-ass Fashion

I expected to have a great run today since I had had two days off: one planned rest day and one historic snow day, but no siree. I ran a slow 8k (49:50) on the treadmill and, because I only ran 8k and not 10k, forced myself to do my dreaded sit-ups and ten, very sad, push-ups.
What's my problem? Why so slow? Perhaps because the gym is so agobiante (stifling)! I can't stand the out-of-focus flat-screen TVs or the fact that you only get four types of people: 35-year-old Spanish hetero businessman, beautiful Spanish or Argentine women ages 28 to 37, buff gay men of various nationalities ages 23 to 31, and American sorority girls on their junior abroad (19-21). What I love about running (outdoors, of course) is the diversity. At races you see all different kinds of people and body types, and their build tells you little about their performance. Yeah elite runners tend to be small and lean, but the general crowd is a mixed bunch. Running is about the mind reckoning with the body. I’ve seen chubby middle-aged women making great time, whizz past buff young men who end up puking at the end of a race.

My whole life I've wanted a long, lean body and suddenly I'm pretty happy with the boxey one I've got. I realize though that this venture has little to do with long legs, a flat stomach or even with heart rate, and much more to do with an attitude.

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