Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back Trouble

Training has been going well: On Friday, I completed my first 10 miler in 1 hr 40 m and yes, the run was hard—I had to sing along and clap to Whenever God Shines His Light around mile 8—but afterwards I felt fantastic. I was a little stiff that evening as I walked to The Man Bar to meet my lady friends, but I was in perfect condition for our annual neighborhood hike from Barcelona to Sant Cugat early Sunday morning. (Two years ago, that 3-hour hike was pretty tiring, but this Sunday it felt like what it actually was, just a walk in the park.)
Here's the thing, since last week my lower-to-mid back has been hurting like a mofo. Is this from running? I suspect it's linked to my pretty much non-existent abdominal muscles. Advice? Exercises I should do? Crunches, I know. But I'd rather run 20 miles than do 10 sit-ups.

Ok--just four weeks to go until my half. Here's the route:


Right along the beautiful Costa Brava...the problem will be the tramuntana.

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