Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Spring Tiredness

Hello, here from the depths of Tiredsville, España, I write you all with an epiphany: Stress zaps your running. It makes you tired and grouchy and gives you a pinched nerve in your back.

My race sucked today. A 59:03 10k. Bleh! It was so hot and so crowded. I couldn’t even run the last few meters because there so many people. I was tired of the sun and tired of the mass of humanity. There were lot of pukers too. I walked over that finish line in a bad-ass mood.

I’m really disappointed in my performance, yeah it was hot, but my time is pathetic. Work is draining my spirits and destroying my running this month. (Or is this perhaps, PMS?) Oh 55-minute-10k, oh 2:02-half marathon you feel so faraway and unattainable right now. As if you were from another lifetime, and yet you were just a few months ago.

For now, running is just going to have to keep me sane and not fat. Gotta fit into a gala gown in London on Tuesday night! And look good in work photos! Time is just flying by. I just react to each new situation at the office and don't really have time (or energy) to reflect--to write in my journal or just have a beer with friends and let loose.

I have work to do every weekend and such long days during the week, so training feels pretty much impossible right now. For the next few months, I think my goals need to do be simple:

1. Eat well.

2. Stretch.

3. Try to run 4 times a week.

4. One day of x-training.

On the funny side of things, a guy flirted with me after the race today. He couldn’t have been any sweeter or happier with his time (43 minutes!), or a day over 26. He’d come alone, in the train, from his little country town, and he asked me to take his picture. He gave an adorable thumbs up in front of, appropriately enough, the Arc de Triomf. Then he said, "Well, you look like you must run a lot."

Ha! Oh speedy youth, enjoy your sweet victory!


  1. Oh, honey, I'm sorry to hear about your back problems! Mine have made me feel about a million years old and super grouchy and crotchety.

    Just shake this race off and enjoy the gala!

  2. Amidst all the stress and busy work schedule, be sure to find time to have a beer with friends. I know how hard it is to fit it in when you feel like you need to run and make dinner and relax after work, but some down time may help your running as well. That's what my boyfriend always says anyway. :)