Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Age: 31. And so happy about it. I love being in my thirties and feel happier than ever. Just finally comfortable in my own skin.
Bed size: double. I wouldn’t want any bigger. We have a small apartment and I love my husband oh-so-much.
Chore you hate: Folding laundry and putting it away.
Dogs: Oh I so wish! But my work schedule makes it a no-go.
Essential start of your day: American coffee. Black. Later on in the day I'll have an espresso, but first thing I like a cup of good ole American Joe.
Favorite color: Green
Gold or silver: silver.
Height: 5'4”
Instruments I play: None. Well, the viola in middle school. I would love to play the guitar and be a country singer though.
Job title: Advisor on Cultural Affairs
Kids: Not right now.
Live: Barcelona
Mom’s name: SE
Nicknames: Linhes, Kins
Overnight hospital stays: No.
Pet peeve: People who "Blackberry" at meetings and act like they’re busy, not rude.
Quote from a movie: "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."
Right or left handed: Right. But I like lefties better in general.
Siblings: 1 bro and he’s my best friend.
Time you wake up: 7am on weekdays. 10 am on weekends if I don't have to work. Hey don’t diss me, I work till nine or ten and we do everything later in España.
Underwear: I like fancy lace in black or gray. Not for running though.
Vegetable you dislike: Eggplant.
What makes you run late: Watching the VOWS section on
X-rays you have had done: Teeth and knee.
Yummy food you make: Chocolate cake.
Zoo, favorite animal: I think zoos are kind of depressing actually and haven’t been to one in years. That said, as a kid I loved the prairie dogs and their underground city of tunnels!


  1. I loved learning all this about you! Is your husband a Spaniard?

  2. Yup! I married a wonderful Catalan man in 2002 and here we are, still in a tiny rooftop apartment in the heart of BCN.

  3. Likey this post! Agree about being in the's a blast :)

  4. Hi Scarlett, hope all is well. Things have been hectic here and I missed few posts. It all sounds like fun!