Saturday, April 30, 2011

Small Victories on a Birthday Run

  1. Holy Week has passed which means the public bathrooms are open along the beach! Ole Ole Ole!

  2. Some young, buff, shirtless guys passed me going up a hill, so I dug deep, passed them at the top of the hill, and stayed ahead for the next mile until they stopped at there fancy-ass hotel.

  3. I saw my fit, fast neighbors around mile 7, sighed, ran up behind them, greeted and kept up with them all the way home. A year ago I never would have felt capable of doing that, upon glimpsing them I would have slowed down and hid.

  4. My MIL has come in to Barcie for my birthday, but I am not going to throw a tantrum.

1 comment:

  1. Ole indeed. I cannot wait for the port-a-johns to return along my outdoor running routes. I love your measure for gauging your impressive progress.