Monday, February 28, 2011

La envidia es muy mala.

1.Highlight of the weekend: walking with Charles across the city, to Wala, a new outlet in the Zona Franca. Wala is heaven for the runner / shopper. Like Ikea for the decorator. Or Daedalus Books for the avid reader. But, to be perfectly honest, I feel bad for not shopping at a neighborhood, family-owned shop, something I try to do when possible. And yes it's despressing, and indicative of the sad state of the world, that the Phillips factory that not so long ago provided families with a middle-class union-wage jobs is now, well, Wala, a store that sells brand-name sporting clothes cheap and provides some people with a shitty service job, and other people with...amazing prices. So, yes judge me for taking a holiday in other people's misery. I do feel guilty about my purchases, but my butt looks really good in these new capris.

2. Slightly sucky part: a cold that I just can't kick. Having a cold and the sniffles is just so damn undignified. I spent Friday and Saturday night in bed watching MadMen trying to "get better" in time for a long run and Monday morning. Fail. Sunday's run wasn't long and today I feel worse.

3. Deep, dark downside: being green with envy. Charles, A and I went running on Sunday morning. We did a seven miler up Mt Juich. It's a very steep climb, but I thought it'd be a good way to not feel guilty about ducking out of my planned 12-miler. Little did I know that jealousy would eat my lil running heart out. I'm the runner. A is just a Sunday jogger! It bothers me immensely that A can eat whatever she wants, party late into Saturday night, drink beer and wine and Bailey's Irish Cream and smoke and then beat my ass running up a mountain. Granted, I have a cold, but still I work at this and she doesn't. Or at least that's my nasty attitude. Yeah, her knees were giving out by the end, but girlfriend is fast and that enfuriates me.
Still, all that envy swallowed, I'm glad to have a friend who pushes me to want to be faster, skinnier, and more beautiful come summer.

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