Monday, February 21, 2011


1) Today I had lemon cake for breakfast, ran at lunch, and then ate a Snickers bar + +salad + an empanada for dinner.

2) sent me the wrong color running shoes: I wanted white and blue, but got all black. These all black Asics are the dorkiest running shoes ever and they look really bad, especially with non-waxed legs, but I'm too lazy to mail them back and wait for the new ones.

3) On Friday, after spending the day in Madrid, I went to dinner with Charles. I was really tired and the video for Love the Way You Lie was on the tube. I kept watching the video instead of listening to Charles tell me about his day. Saturday morning Rhianna's very disturbing, yet strangely hopeful and oh-so-catchy chorus was stuck in my head. So I downloaded the song and listened to it over and over as I ran.

4) Yeah, I'm happy I have a new job where I have to think a lot and do important shite, but I really hope this job doesn't make me fat. Feeling constantly stressed means that I tend to drink wine at night and make bad food choices. Weird, how for so long you strive to be the smartest and now I just want to be the healthiest.


  1. That Rihanna song is my "ring" for my Droid. I'm hooked on it too!
    Sorry about your should really get what you ordered!

  2. you should at least email amazon...maybe they wont make you return them? probably wishful thinking but worth a shot :)

  3. I tend to make poor food choices when I'm really stressed out/busy. This week I'm just focusing on trying to get more fruits and veggies back in there with the cheese and wine.

    I miss Madrid.