Saturday, January 8, 2011

Summing Up

2010 meant
- My first half marathon. I know it sounds dramatic, but finishing that race is what I’m proudest of in life. I’ve done more important, more impressive things, but nothing else has filled me that glowing, overflowing sense of pride. Go figure. I want to write a long post on running, women and self-esteem one of these days.
- Two more halves, which weren’t perfect, but have made me stronger.
- A big 10-k PR at La Mercè.
- Some aches and pains, and two missing toenails, ah but so much glory!
- 1134 miles run

2011 is going to mean:
- A new job, which will make getting runs in a little more challenging, but I’ve already got a plan involving lunch-break runs and showers at a nearby gym. More on that soon.
- I wanted to train for a full marathon for this spring, but, due in part to this new job, I’m going to work on improving my half. Training tips welcomed, y’all.
- 1500 miles run. Hold me to it!

What are your 2011 running goals? Why do you think running makes you feel so happy, so strong, and so confident?


  1. I'd say you achieved a good 50% of your goals. That's a passing grade in the UK academic system. Well done! :)

  2. Congrats on the new job! I think it's smart that you recalibrated your goals to take that into account. I'm not as fast as you are, but I've heard and read that speedwork is key to a faster half and full. I'm trying to not be complacent and just run for distance anymore, but instead to do more tempo runs and fartleks.