Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year, New Job, New Everything

I start, sort of, my new job today. While it's in bad taste to celebrate my good fortune right now, at a time when so many of my friends and family in Spain are either out of work, or working harder than ever for much less money, I must say I am very, very happy to have the opportunity to write, research, travel, and basically work my ass off for the next few years. However, all big running plans (and other life plans: children, thesis) have been put in a weird holding pattern. I know I have to keep up with running in order to stay healthy and sane while working for my new boss, but I also know that planning is now out the window. (Why, suddenly, when you realize you can't start a family or train for a marathon or start cooking vegan food , you really, really want to?) I will basically be on call for the next four years. But my running shoes will be in my desk drawer awaiting any free moments and, also, can't you run with a Blackberry?

I have to take things step-by- step and week-by-week. Oh 16-week-Excel plan, I already miss you and all the control you provide me! This week I'll be straddling both jobs: starting to go to meetings at newbie and trying to train my replacement at oldie. Actually, they still don't have a replacement, but that's a whole other train of thought.

For now, I'm just concentrating on getting enough sleep to be able to do another half on January 30th. Last Saturday I had a beautiful long run: first half up to the Montjuïc castle with Charles (see pic) and the second half solita along the beach. Up to the castle was tough and I had to walk on the last set of stairs. Sunday I rested, so this morning I'll head out for 10k before embarking on a marathon day of meetings. This week I want to get in 55k and next week I'll taper for the BCN half marathon, which I really haven't trained for. In between meetings, I'm also going to sign up at the gym next to my new office. It's small, it's dirty, it stinks, but I must have a shower on hand for those upcoming lunch runs. I'm back to my dream job, a very high pressure job, after four years, but this time I'll be a better worker because now I'm a runner.

Does running make you more a more productive worker, a sharper thinker, more patient?

Do you run at lunch?


  1. for your first question, running defo makes me be a sharper thinker and productive, patience? not so sure about it
    I dont run at lunch , cause work at la zona franca and there is not a place nice to just go out for a nice run i either run in the morning (try) or after work

    Wish you the best of luck in your new job :)

  2. Best of luck with the new job. Running definitely clears my mind and allows me to be more focused. I sometimes run at lunch but it usually makes me feel too rushed.

  3. Very tantalizing, so looking forward to hearing more about the new job. Congratulations and best wishes with everything!
    I don't usually run at lunchtimes as it is too much of a rush. But when I am trying to get a colleague started in running, I will do it. Unfortunately, they always give up at some point.

  4. hope the first day went well. best of luck in your new endeavor!

    running definitely helps my stress level but sometimes trying to fit in a run stresses me out as much as my job.

  5. Congrats on the new job! Hope all is going well.

    Running does make me a better worker, except I seem to have a problem making myself run when I have a lot of work to do. Hm, need to fix that.

  6. Congratulations on the new job!

    I have the same issue as Jamie. I know running will reduce my stress, but sometimes when things are really busy trying to find the time to run makes me even more stressed out.