Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sticky Summer Update

A small miracle has occurred right here in Baltimore, Maryland: I've been in the USA for two weeks and have managed to only gain two pounds. Apparently, one can eat treats (brownies, Starbucks lattes, and apple pie) all the damn day and basically drive everywhere, but still stay healthy by running at least five days a week in swamp-like stickiness. Yes, it has taken me 31 years to figure this out, but so far, so true.

My half-marathon training has been going fairly well, despite the rather devastating humidity, I got in 35 miles this past week. Truth be told, since I've been home, I've only gotten in one speed workout, but I have managed to do two ten-milers with my dad and we had a great four-mile race last Sunday.

Now, friends, the big question: to marathon or not to marathon? My inclination has always been to wait and see how my second half-marathon in October goes. I've always thought that if I could shave a decent amount of time off my 2:14 finish from last May, I would take the plunge and sign up for the Barcelona marathon for March 2011. But, if I don't improve my half time substantially (this means by at least five minutes) will I be horribly disappointed? Is it silly to think it necessary to be around the two hour mark for a half to realistically consider training for a full? I've read horror stories about injuries or five and a half hours of misery from people who weren't truly prepared. Is it really necessary to run a full marathon, for me, this year? The sensible, practical part of me says, no, it's not necessary at all and probably not a very good idea, but there is something deeper, more visceral and stronger that says, "I really want to try for this now."


  1. If you want to go for it, I say go for it. Since your half is in October, can you just wait until that is finished and still sign up for the March marathon? Or, is it going to close registration soon?

  2. Go for it, if you comfortable. You are truly the only person that can determine that.

  3. If it's something you want to do and you are willing to put in the necessary training then go for it!

  4. Hey Scarlett!

    Amanda just paired us up for her PR challenge. I'll be following so I can check out the competition!

    Right now my PR is 2:29 and some change, and I'm hoping to get it under 2:25 at my next one in October. 2:20 would be even better but may not be very realistic!