Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Real Runner Now

Yes, I did what was once unthinkable: I took the hot needle to my black toenail. If that doesn't make you cringe, please keep reading…I'm happy to report that this new form of torture actually didn’t hurt a bit! Some blood and fluid (no pus!) came out and my (very soft) nail is now white instead of purple! Our bodies are really quite simple, I guess.

I've only operated on the right toe so far, but lefty is bugging me too. And I ask, why now? I have been running in new shoes, but they seem to fit fine and they're just an upgraded model of my trusty Asics, not a different brand or anything. There's been no significant increase in mileage either. 25 miles a week --give or take--since May... I’m thinking the culprit might be the heat. As I've gotten used to it, I've done longer runs later in the day and my feet probably swell and rub against my sock. After spending an entire workday reading about this on the internet, the basic conclusion on runner’s toe seems to be suck it up. Which, of course, is what I’ve done in the past. The thing is, I never much minded ugly toes in fall or winter, but now it’s August and I’m about to start my holiday and I really want to show off my lovely tan feet with some pretty pink polish. The sad, soft toenail with a hole in it is really ruining my look.

Now, I would like to ask you all for some advice:

a) Can I get me scheduled pedicure on Friday? And just paint over holeymoley? Let’s consider the person who has to do the pedicure…

b) Should I search for new shoes or just go with it? These new guys (Asics 1150) don't seem to hug my arch as tightly as the 1140s, but can't I adapt? I really don’t feel like shelling out more cash in order to solve a problem which I realize is actually inevitable.

c) Can I run 4 miles this afternoon?

Sorry for the gross out and please share your toe stories.


  1. no crazy toenail stories for me. Does that mean I'm not a "real" runner? :)

  2. ha ha i think it means you're lucky!!

  3. Well I'm missing 2 toenails (gross I know!) and I am able to still get a pedicure. They just paint the skin ;) or over the hole I'm sure. The sore toenails aren't necessarily from the shoes so I wouldn't chuck them just yet. Also go ahead and run unless you are in crazy pain.

  4. Thanks, Jamie! Running has actually been fine, my toes only really hurt going downhill. So now I just have to decide on my pedicure color for my trip home:)

  5. Welcome to the ugly toenail club! LOL! I always painted over my nasty nails including when there was no nail at all! You'll be fine, just let them know ahead of time that your tootsies are sensitive from running.

  6. I have had three nail turns black and then fall off on my right foot. It looks weird right now, but I consider it a battle wounds as a runner.

  7. Oh ha, I'm glad to discover this post, the other day I was comparing myself to those people who paint their eye-brows on - except us runners paint our toenails on lol!

    I say go for the pedicure regardless, maybe just tip a little higher than normal.