Friday, July 2, 2010

Pre-Sheffield 10-Mile Run

Lo Bueno:

1. Lo & behold: Barcelona runners are suddenly friendly! Little actual waving, but some did nod in acknowledgement of the heat. Usually people just push on by. It’s not like suburban Baltimore where people smile and greet when they see another human on foot as opposed to in car.
2. Thank goodness there are water fountains every mile along much of the beach.
3. I remembered to put my sunscreen all over.
4. I was supposed to be at work, but instead I was running!
5. During the euphoric stage of this run, I psyched myself up to get serious about speed work and hills once I’m actually on vacation. I envisioned my dad timing me at the track at my old high school. Funny what goes through your head on a hot run in the sun.
6. Richard Buckner & Barricada on the I-pod.

Lo Malo

1. Basically no shade. I'd trade those other runners and their timid nods for some more trees in a New York minute.
2. Hot water from the fountains. Yuck, a hot stream coming atcha is not refreshing.
3. By mile 8 the ‘screen was in my eyes.
4. Am I perhaps crazy to take a vacation day in order to make sure I get a long run in before a trip?
5. I actually need to start that speed work right away and it’s hot, hot, hot.
6. Stupid-ass, ugly Nike I-pod armband.


  1. water from the foutain wouldn't be good at all...definitely not refreshing!! hope you get a break in the heat soon.

  2. Just found your blog. I live in Baltimore! Barcelona sounds much nicer than Charm City right now...

  3. Love that you skipped work for a run. Heh.