Monday, June 28, 2010

Catcalls While Running Naked

You’re thinking, “Jesus, she got over her body insecurities quickly!” Not so fast, I just went running sans I-pod, something I’m trying to do on shorter runs this summer. Previously, I mentioned that I like running naked in order to be able to hear my breathing, the sound of the wind, and the crashing waves, but tonight what I heard loud and clear were the catcalls. The catcall is an art form in Spain, and I have to say, sometimes, on a Monday morning, on the way to work, a compliment—especially one with what the Spanish call a bit of gracia (flair or grace)—puts a smile on my face and reminds me why I like living in a culture somewhat well, warmer, than my own. However, why someone, on a disgustingly sticky evening, would choose to call out GUAPA and then proceed to make kissing noises at an extraordinarily sweaty girl in spandex shorts and mismatched socks is beyond me, but it made me laugh and pick up my pace a bit.

This post is inspired by Ezethan

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  1. LOL.. One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of being a male runner is that I'm rarely (if ever) the reciepient of cat calls when running... I do seem to recall getting some kissy noises while walking along La Rambla in Barcelona a few years back from a woman appeared to have an Adam's Apple... oh well, hope I can enjoy my iPODless running as much as you've been :)