Monday, January 9, 2012

Goals 2012

Short & Sweet

1. Get back down to 53 kilograms / 116.8 pounds and stay there!

2. Publish a story from Other People’s Daughters.

Of course there are a lot of other things I hope to do (get more sleep, be a better daughter wife and sister, travel, swim once a week, run a marathon, host some great dinner parties), but for now I’m just betting on these two goals which are at once simple and seemingly impossible.


  1. Simple and seemingly impossible--the best kind of goals! But I don't think they will be impossible at all. :^)

  2. 53 kilos? That is half of american standards!!!!

  3. LOL at Gonzalo!! Sadly, it's true. Haha.

    Please share your "methods" of losing and maintaining weight throughout the year!

  4. So true Gonzalo!! But thankfully I live in Spain:))

    Lindsay, I have no method but great hopes! Will keep you all informed.