Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Rolling With the Punches

A few months ago I thought that on October 31st I’d been running a marathon in Dublin. I registered, I started to train and then life got in the way. It turns out I have to work the 31st, that I absolutely must be in Barcelona on that day. But it also turns out that I haven’t been able to train for the Valencia marathon on November 26th. Why? Well because my body hasn’t dealt with the training as well I’d hoped. (My hip and lower back hurt like holy hell.) Or maybe because working for a politician is not very conducive to having time for yourself (or a back that doesn’t spasm). And although I spend a good part of my long work days and nights dreaming of having Haruki Murakami’s schedule--he runs or swims long distances almost every day, eats a healthful diet, goes to bed around 9 p.m. and wakes up, without an alarm, around 4 a.m. — at which point he goes straight to his desk for five to six hours of concentrated writing--I do really enjoy my job and realize that I'm lucky have it.

So, anyhoo, here it is late October and I’ve got a gimp hip and low mileage, but I’m not going to let any of that get me down. I will run a marathon and I will run for the rest of my life. I hope. I pray.

Meanwhile, I will concentrate on healing and strength training and losing weight. (Somehow I suspect that being lighter—I’m kind of top heavy—will do wonders for my hip and spine.) To this end, I present my, humble but attainable, November goals:

1. Strength training / Pilates twice a week

2. If it hurts to run, don’t sulk, go to the pool or get on that elliptical.

3. Lay off the sugar!

4. Don’t be a drama queen; this too shall pass.


  1. Scarlett no worries if you cant do it now, you still have the chance to try again. The important thing is to still have the energy and great attitude to look for your next race

    In my case i was planning to do berlin , but as well life got in the way so i didnt let anything/anybody let me down now im planning to do Paris next year im really looking forward to it
    Keep the great attitude
    have a great week


  2. Wise thoughts. And remember that in running "Leaner is Faster"

  3. Those sound like good goals to me.

    Boy, does Murakami's schedule sound nice....Sigh....

  4. that is temporary. You have many marathons ahead.
    I wish you a quick and full recovery
    Best regards.

  5. Hmmmm...hope that you start recovering soon. Sometimes things just don't pan out....I was supposed to run the Two Oceans Half this year and that went down the tubes. All the rest followed quickly. Still, these are small hiccups in a lifetime of running. Keep up the positive outlook - this will indeed pass!