Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 2 of Marathon Training in the Summer-like Barcelona Spring

Monday: Planned easy 6.

Reality: 4 miles in 38 minutes. I got home late from work and was hungry and grumpy. Yes, the run was short but it felt fantastic.

Tuesday:Planned rest day. Reality: I rested.

Wednesday: Planned 10k Tempo run Reality: 10 k in 57:19 Tiring, but invigorating.

Thursday: Planned Easy 6

Reality: I ran five and change with Abby. I didn’t go far as I hoped, but I probably ran a bit faster with A than I would have run alone. And I got all her gossip about her trip to Greece so reality was actually better than my plan.

Friday: Planned 1hour cross-training. Reality: I did 30 minutes of weights / core.

Saturday: Planned 12 miler in the early morning

Reality: 12.5 miler in the mid-morning. I had a great run. Yes, it was hot, but I stopped at every water fountain. I didn't take any gels and didn't have any stomach problems. For months I’ve been scared to run down through the St Adrià beach, which is known for cruising, but on Saturday I conquered my fears. Yeah, there was a lot of cruising, but there were also families and dog walkers and everybody just minded their own business. Why should I be scared of men cruising for men, anyway?

Sunday: Planned 1 hour of yoga. Reality: 2.5 mile run to beach with backpack. Swim in the sea. It was glorious! Yup, that’s why I live here.

Plan for Week 3 of Marathon Training:

Monday: easy 6

Tuesday: rest

Wednesday: 6 Tempo

Thursday: Easy 6

Friday: cross

Saturday: 13 miler

Sunday: long bike ride with Charles

Our terrace with plants in full bloom:


  1. It sounds like the training is going really well! Your terrace looks fantastic!

  2. It´s hard to train in the Summer, I will start for muy next marathon in a couple of weeks. Your saturdays are key. Keep on pushing.