Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staying Out of Trouble

Running is my time to think. My hour to push through the frustrations of the day and come through with a few epiphanies or at least feeling calmer and more optimistic. Tonight I realized that I’m getting too caught up in office politics, getting upset and overly sensitive about supposed slights and perceived trespasses. I want to be involved and recognized on demand, when in reality I don't need to be involved constantly and Catalans don't recognize work the same way Americans do.

I work in politics, but my job is to read and to write. A perfect job, so why do I go looking for trouble? It’s like middle school all over again.

So, the next time I feel the urge to write an email, make a phone call, or utter a sarcastic remark that will just stir up trouble, I’m going to take a deep breath, take out my trusty green notebook and write.

It only took 32 years and tonight’s six sweaty miles to figure that out.


  1. wow,I hear you , got the same feelings sometimes at work, is just a totally different work dynamic than im used to

  2. Running as you say is good to realize what´s going on, but it´s also good to heal it. Running is the cure your´re thinking of.

  3. I totally hear you. I love that running can clear the mind and make you see the "saner" side of things!

  4. Yeah, sometimes I just can't keep my mouth shut when I should. I've been trying to think before I speak and before I hit send more here lately. Maybe I should also start going for a run before some meetings. :)