Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Goals

Tomorrow I leave for New York City! I'll be stateside for a little over two weeks and here are my goals for the holiday season:

1. Brave the weather. Yeah, suck it up and run outside in 20-degrees. I'm already shivering.

2. Stretch and do yoga twice a week. Baby that hip!

3. Maintain my weight. Losing weight will be impossible, I know that, but I'm going to try not to gain.

4. No drinking. I've been drinking less and less lately, but sometimes in Spain one ends up drinking wine to be polite. Wine = empty calories and mindless eating

5. Become a soup master. Yes, I want to make all kinds of soups with all sorts of different winter veggies.

What are your holiday goals? And how about some tips for running in the cold?


  1. What fun! Hope you have a great time. My holiday goals are to not put on weight (I don't think I will be losing any), enjoy myself, have fun training. As for running in the cold, wear layers, you will end up peeling them off! Be careful of ice, and wear 2 layers of gloves.
    Happy holidays and enjoy beautiful snowy parks.

  2. These are fantastic holiday goals! (I completely get what you mean about #4. I gained more than 20 pounds when I lived in Madrid, no doubt a good portion of it was due to the consumption of wine and cañas.) I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have managed to get in a few runs stateside!