Sunday, February 21, 2010

Long Run: check

Last weekend it rained so I was able to back out of my long run. Yesterday, however, bloomed sunny and clear so there was no getting out of it. And I'm so glad I didn't escape! I still have to measure the distance on my bike, but I have recorded it (conservatively) as 14 k (8.75 miles) in my log. This long run--for me, I know it's actually not very long--took me an 1 hr 33 m with several short stops for water, traffic lights, slow families, and abuelos along the beach, plus one long stop to fiddle with my new shoe. The beach was packed yesterday, which is no surprise because the weather, after days and days of heavy rains, was incredible. You could see all the way to...well I'm not sure how far it was, but let's leave it at all the way to Mataró. And, the super fast, super serious runner (no shirt, no ipod, no gear, just him along the beach) waved at me again. That's the second time. He knows, although no one else believes it, not even me, that I'm a real runner.

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