Thursday, February 25, 2010

Late Night

I was home alone this evening, worrying about work stuff and trying to get some writing done and had pretty much decided that I would take an egg for the day. I did 10 k Monday and 5 k last night at the gym, so when Abby called and backed out off our Thursday night run I didn't even feel that guilty. However, when Charles got home at 9:30 he was destroyed after a long day at work and three hours of class, but he wanted to go for a run and so, we did! A short route down to the Barceloneta and back home on this glorious, springlike night. It's down right balmy for February. So tomorrow I'll aim for another short run, I'll rest on Saturday, and then Sunday morning we head to St Boi for a 10 k race and I hope to find a nice bar where we can have a cold beer afterwards!

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