Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you there runners? It's me, Scarlett.

I've decided to start writing here again. I've missed recording my thoughts about running. It's been months and many things have happened here in the Mediterranean, but through it all I've kept running.

And running has kept me calm, it's been the stabilizer in a year marked by constant change and instability. 

Right now I'm preparing for a half marathon on December 16th and the Barcelona Marathon on March 17th, 2013. It won't be easy to train for the full: my job ends soon and I'll have to search for a new one, but somehow I think having another (out-of-work) goal will help me stay on track during the job search. 

New things since I last wrote: 

* massage has done wonders for my back. But I still think Pilates and swimming can do more. 
* I ran an awful half marathon in October. I had a great mileage and going into it and I fell apart at mile 8!  2:08: bleh!  At first I blamed the humidity, but now, with more time for reflection, I've realized it was mental. A woman I know socially was right behind me and once she past me I fell apart. Her husband was pacing her and somehow seeing him guide her along, just made me feel lonely and lost whatever it is that usually pulls me along.
*Then, three weeks later, I ran a great 10k and conquered the hills with my mind.  

* I've started tracking calories on My Fitness Pal and I've learned so much in just 3 months about nutrition and diet. My whole life I thought counting calories sounded horrible, but it turns out it makes me feel great, more in control and aware. Some days (like yesterday: Catalan elections + ex-pat Thanksgiving) I go overboard, but for the most part I'm quite good. If you're on MFP, let me know and we can be friends. 

*I've become a morning runner, which is absolutely the best decision ever! Never in my life did I think this possible, but I wake up at least three times a week at the crack of dawn and get out there and go and it is LA GLORIA. 

So,  this week holds:

Monday 4 miles easy 

Tuesday 5 miles hills 
Wednesday: tempo run 
Thursday 6 easy / swimming at midday
Friday 4 easy or rest
Saturday 16 
Sun 4 easy 

unless I decide to run a half-marathon on Sunday, which might also happen. 

Oh, it's hard to stick to a plan...


  1. So happy you’re back!

  2. I'm still here and glad you are back, too!

  3. Que bueno verte! Sorry to hear about the rough half last month, but it sounds like you learned from it. Conquering hills makes you very bad ass!

  4. Nice to hear Scarlett! I will be running (fingers crossed) the Barcelona Marathon too! Eek! The mind is a very powerful tool... found that out on my first half in Granollers 2 years ago!