Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back in the Barri

I haven’t been running a lot. I’m injured, I’m tired, I’m taking my time. Following instructions. Trying not too read too many running blogs. 

I broke down in a little ball on my terrace just once. I cried like a crazy person and claimed that this was like losing someone you love. Not being able to run hurt just as much, and in that similar no-one-can-understand-this-pain-sort-of-way that a broken heart does. 

However, the tragedy was short lived since the doctor told me I could do some short runs. (I almost hugged him, but then he said, "until we see the xrays, at least" and then I sighed inside.) Oh but those few short runs have been fantastic, I haven’t been able to stop smiling. Just grateful for each step.I won't be running my A race, the Empúries half this weekend, but this fall I will run faster, better halves than ever before. I'm dealing with this hip head-on: strength training and eating better, resting and stretching. Running is about daily practice, a way of life for the rest of my life. Slowly but surely.

Last Thursday I headed out quite late, around 10:30 pm, and as I ran past the corner store at the top of the little hill on Carrer Lledò, my biggest fan, a young shop clerk, was just pulling the heavy metal shutter down, finally closing up for the night.

“Glad to see you,” he said, his face slowing opening up into a full grin. “I was worried.” 

And with that I cried the last few hundred yards home.


  1. i hear you , I was injured 2 months ago and now im getting back again. I totally get you.

    moments like this help to appreciate the things you love and no to take anything for granted


  2. Aw, that's so sweet. I meant the last part, not you being injured. Hope all is well and you can ramp back up to your usual mileage soon.

  3. Despues de la tormenta, siempre viene la calma, en nada estafas otra vez en la "pomada". Saludos.

  4. Hi Scarlett... that comment is just so so so so sweet... So nice to know that someone notices you're there :D
    Sorry to hear about your injury. I was sidelined for 3 loooooooooong years (yes, years, not months, no... years!) so I know exactly how it feels. Hang in there. You'll be really strong when fall comes and although it might not look like it right now, I'm sure you'll learn something from the experience! And it'll all be for a good reason.
    If you can run short, do you want to do the Nocturna de l'Hospitalet this coming Saturday? I've signed up but won't go, so you could have my bib # ;)
    Hope we finally get to meet some day at some race, whichever that is!!!!!! Or just for a run... I ran along the sea front in Barcelona last Sunday... priceless!!!!

  5. I am with you in the "in it for the long haul" attitude. I can't do short runs, but for now that's OK. Your biggest fan--great anecdote. Run for both of us.

  6. Injuries suck. I haven't been able to run for the past week because of my surgery and then I had a problem with a stitch on Monday that required further care and I didn't want to risk dry socket. I am going to just do a mile a bit later today and take it from there. Your attitude that we are in this for life is exactly right. You will get through this and be a stronger runner on the other side. I know that it will hurt in the meantime, but hang in there!