Monday, August 29, 2011

Redemption Run

I’m happy to report that my 16.5 mile run this Saturday went well. That electrolyte disaster on the NCR Trail was a real blow to my confidence, but I’m getting my groove back. On Saturday I did 16.5 miles in the heat and felt a-okay. I drank Nuun through out the run and had an ice-cream sandwich recovery snack, yum. In fact, I’m a little concerned because aside from a dull pain in one of my arches, my legs felt fine after this run. Perhaps I should have pushed a little harder.

Valencia will be replacing Dublin on my marathon calendar. It will be a cheaper, less stressful, and more ecologically sound trip for us. I’m not convinced that it’s the best option for my first marathon, but right now it’s what works best for our budget and my work schedule. The cut off is five hours, which is at once daunting and merciful!

This Sunday I’ll be running a half marathon in the city of Sabadell. I’m not familiar with the city or the course and it’ll be fairly hot so I’m just going to use this race as a test for my fueling/hydration plans. I’ll carry my handheld filled with Nuun and use water stops along the way.

Upcoming Training looks like this:

Monday: easy 6
Tuesday: easy 4
Wednesday: 7 miles, 5 at tempo pace
Thursday: easy 6
Friday: easy 4 / swimming
Saturday: swimming
Sunday: Half

Monday: swimming
Tuesday: easy 6
Wednesday: 4 and gym class
Thursday: easy 6
Friday: easy 4
Saturday: 17
Sunday: 3 and swimming


  1. Yeeesss, that 16 mile run puts you back into the groove. Valencia is also a good choice...27th of November, you can almost go jogging to the start line from barcelona. Lots of runner-bloggers going to that marathon, even a couple I know from here the canaries. You still have plenty of time to get the fittest of your life, step by step, the heat will leace you soon.

  2. Well, I know I was rooting for Dublin, but I think choosing the race that is going to cause you the least amount of stress is always a good plan. It seems like 16.5 miles was the perfect distance to do. You redeemed yourself and you are strong going into a race week and another week of training.

  3. Thanks, Gonzalo! Me siento mejor sabiendo que apruebas Valencia! Pero vosotros sois tan rapidos y tan serios!!!! You´re right, it's so close I could almost run to the start line. Let's hope the heat let's up soon.

  4. R, I honestly think Dublin would be a better fit for me, but this year it seemed to complex logistically. Maybe next year!