Monday, November 1, 2010

October Stats and New Goals

My October goals were to

- run 125 miles (this will include a taper week pre-half marathon and maybe a few rest days) I ran 134 miles.
- discover some new long run routes I did, although I still like running along the beach best of all. Cars and pollution make the rest of Barcie a very rough place to run.
- PR in half marathon by a whole heck of a lot Ahem, we all know how this turned out. I pr'ed technically, but I wasn't happy with my performance. I've learned a lot about myself and have been humbled, which is a good thing.
- finish current short story and send it out, then start another Still working on finishing "Mireille," but I have started two new stories. The fall weather will help me write more.
- write outline for thesis statement Big fat zero.
- stop doing so much trash talking at work. Just go in, write my texts, answer my emails, and get out in time to run. I've done well with this one! My mantra: "I'm just a busy little worker bee with fantastic work fashion." I eat my lunch from a tupperware and steer clear of gossip.
- start marathon training! Deep breath. I don't know what to do! After my last half, a marathon just seems impossible--too big & too stressful-- so for right now I'm concentrating on doing more shorter races and being more disciplined about food and cross training. However, I do have the full-marathon training program printed out and I can still dream.

November Goals

-run 145 miles
-cross train for real
-send two stories out
-cut back on sugar
-have fun at my 10k


  1. You did a great job on your October goals! Your mileage totals are very inspiring, and I think could put you within reach of a full marathon for sure! After my Halloween candy binge last night, I should cut back on the sugar, too....

  2. I'm totally floored by your monthly mileage. If I could even hit half of that I'd be a happy camper.

    Good luck with November!

  3. Great job on your October goals!